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Why are we campaigning?

The Mandatory Fluoridation Bill 

New legislation was introduced to Parliament on the 17th November 2016.

Download Health Fluoridation of Drinking Water Amendment Bill

Why we are opposed:

This Legislation will shift responsibility from the local councils and give it to the District Health Boards. It is designed to make it virtually impossible to stop fluoridation in currently fluoridated areas, or to keep it out of places that do not have it – even if they have said “no” to it in the past. Local Councils will be required to do as the DHB dictates or face a fine of $200,000 and a further $10,000 per day of non-compliance.

This Legislation does not require the DHBs to consult with the community and it only allows a very narrow range for the DHBs to evaluate the subject as they will only be allowed to consider dental health in the community against the cost of fluoridation. They are being steered to only consider the 2009 Oral Health Survey rather than much more comprehensive data. They are not given any leeway to consider overall health effects.

Progress on the Bill can be found here.

What the Politicians say:

The National Government who introduced the Bill, and now the current Labour led Government, continually tell us that the Bill is not mandatory fluoridation, but a shift to the DHBs since they are supposedly the health experts.

At First Reading, Annette King, who was then Labour’s spokesperson on Health had this to say:

The Minister said that population health is best addressed by elected district health boards at a local level. They are required by the Minister of Health, who has absolute say over what they do through the letter of expectation, to carry out the wishes of the Government of the day. So the idea that they have got some autonomy in making decisions around health is only very, very at the edges, if at all.”

As you will see from the transcript and related documents and the video footage (above) of the MPs that spoke at the first Reading (5th of December 2016) – National, Labour and the Greens support the Bill. You will also see that none of the speakers know very much about the subject. Health Select Committee Chair Simon O’Connor mistakenly credits his good teeth on taking fluoride tablets as a child. Unbeknownst to him, the Ministry of Health no longer recommends fluoride tablets because we now know fluoride doesn’t work by swallowing and fluoride tablets cause dental fluorosis!

In a press release in December 2016, Labour also condemned the Maori Party for running a poll to find out what people think.

Select Committee

In February 2017 , the Health Select Committee received 1200 submissions and heard hundreds of people give oral presentations.

Click here to see submissions from Fluoride Free NZ and others

CLICK TO OPEN: Health Select Committee Members in 2018

Louisa Wall – Chairperson, Labour Party, Manurewa
Shane Reti – Deputy Chair, National  Party, Whangarei
Jonathan Coleman – National Party, Northcote, ex-Health Minister who introduced the Bill
Matt Doocey – National Party, Christchurch
Liz Craig – Invercargill ,Labour Party , public health doctor
Kanongata’a Suisuiki Anahila – Labour, Senior exec Min Soc Development
Nicky Wagner – National Party, Christchurch
Angie Warren-Clark – Tauranga, Labour Party, lawyer, manager Women’s Refuge Tauranga

The Committee reported back to Parliament with a few recommendations. Since the election, the Health Select Committee has completely changed so none of the MPs that heard the submissions are on the Committee now.

Download Select Committee Report (contains recommendations for amendments)

Progress on the Bill

The Bill is now awaiting Second Reading. Once the Second Reading occurs it will be very hard to stop the Bill. It is then basically formality that it progresses to Third Reading where it becomes law.

Progress on the Bill can be found here.

Where the Parties stand

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne, who introduced the Bill, has called us “tin-foil hat wearing, UFO-abducted pseudo-scientists.” He mustn’t realise that he is insulting around half of the NZ population. Results from all referenda held in NZ show that people tend to vote status quo. As only half of the country is fluoridated (23 councils out of 67, not “27 councils have rejected fluoridation” as Peter Dunne incorrectly stated) which means that roughly half the population is opposed to fluoridation (or maybe more than half) and if a nationwide referendum was held tomorrow, we would have a good chance of winning.

Luckily, Peter Dunne, has now been voted out of Parliament (6th March 2018)

Labour: Pro-fluoridation and in favour of the Bill

National: Pro-fluoridation and in favour of the Bill

NZ First: should be decided by local referendum.

The Greens support the Bill regardless of the opposition within the party. They refuse to meet with anyone opposed.


How to stop the Legislation

People need to write to all MPs and ring or meet with their local MPs and candidates. Let these people know why it is that you are opposed to this Bill and why you are opposed to fluoridation.


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