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Let’s assume, as most people seem to do, that fluoride added to our public drinking water supply wasn’t going to cause harm, based on the weight of evidence available?

It’s also likely that most people assume – rightly – that clean and untainted water is preferable. That means the arguments in favour of mass fluoridation are about the mandatory medication of the population, apparently to counter inattention to dental hygiene.

So why should we rethink this proposition?

I’ve read some of the early content in this website and the first thing that strikes me is that it is absolutely inconclusive that Fluoride in drinking water does anything to improve the state of dental health. And worse, that the evidence is split as to whether fluoridation does harm.

In the case of issues such as climate change and plastics in the ocean, the weight of evidence and scientific opinion are so weighted as to be conclusive. In the case of fluoridated water, it most definitely is not.


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Naive assumptions and apathy driving the lack of attention to what's happening to our water supplies

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